she was going to leave town. there was only one way he could stop her. they’ve just had a fight over it. she stormed out. he went out. she went home to pack. he went to the jeweler’s. i will pass through on my way to the airport, if he hasn’t made up his mind, i leave … if she passes by before her flight i will give her the ring, and hope she stays. she came off the taxi. he sat down in front of the music system. she went up the flight of stairs to his flat. he put on his headphones. she hesitated before his door. he starts to flick through the tracks looking for a song to go with the proposal. she knocked. he increased the volume. she knocked again. he raised the volume to hear the lyrics properly. she knocked again. satisfied it was the right song, he removed the headphones. satisfied he wasn’t home, she turned and walked away …

Copyright © Fani-Kayode Omoregie 2016

From my collected short stories – Deuces.