love is organic. imagine someone breaks into your house to rob you but you have nothing in your house. absolutely nothing. can you go the next day and talk to people – who have just been robbed – about the pain of being robbed. now, i didn’t say you don’t have nothing. i said the house you were in, that was broken into, had nothing. now, consider this. you do have things that can be stolen. underline that can be stolen. but haven’t been stolen. can you still talk to people who have been robbed. you can if you want to deceive them, and especially yourself by speculating. you cannot do that with feelings. you cannot do that with love. love is a house full of precious personal belongings. you cannot not speculate on how it feels to lose any of these personal belongings when you haven’t been ‘robbed’ of them. love is organic – if you haven’t felt it, you cannot talk it. 

© F-K 2016