Keith Garrett (a fellow blogger) writes in “Fades, Does the Picture,” “The mind is a special place of reality and fantasy.” in love, the reality is, fantasy usually, almost always subverts reality. the reality is, love (to most) is a fantasy. that is why the most abused three words in the world have to be “i love you.” in reality, it has become a form of salutation rather than creating a fantasy of chariots, chivalry and golden steeds. no one, not even myself, has meant that every time we said it. it has, in reality, become perfunctory. like the fantasy statement “if you love something, set it free.” the reality is, this fantasy situation is realized at the point (mostly) when something isn’t well with either of you romantically. in love, fantasy is reality in illusions. that is why one lie can subvert a thousand truths. that is why one failure can subvert a thousand good deeds. the average mind is programmed to focus on misfortune and the negative. that is why we all need to continuously interpret love as a verb (a doing word) – this is a thousand times better than a permanent interpretation of love as a noun. it is time to make the most important words in love be “i’ve got you” or “i’ve got this.” last year (2015) i heard these words and witnessed its verb interpretation, and my love forte was jail-broken – for good. wherever you are, “i’ve got you,” back. 

F-K 2016