every lover’s unconscious holy grail is to reach the point where no song makes him/her uncomfortable in the presence of his/her lover. consider this, have you ever heard a song that describes your love situation so aptly you don’t either want to hear it or play it when you’re with your partner or hope you never get to play it. songs that resurrect your skeletons. they are very nice songs just that they hit you wrong – usually when you don’t want to face the reality of things. many of us have been there. some songs come to mind here. first, whatever you do leave dr. dre’s “housewife” and “fuck you,” out of your car, house or hotel room. i mean, what was that lady on to leave that message in the answering machine at the start of that song? what were thinking? a song that has devin the dude and snoop dogg duoing with dr. dre? i think joe has that triplet in mind when he sings “worst case scenario.” this song hits you bad no matter when you hear it. hear him, “someone else making love to you/it’s killing me to think of you in bed with/somebody new/giving you that extra spark/dipping in your goodie jar/this could be by far/the worst case scenario.” now, you both have been having fights about your suspicion, like prince sings, you suspect that “there are thieves in the temple,” you’re sitting in the car and then tlc start to sing “love you forever baby soul & mind/and you gotta know if/you don’t give it i’ma/get mine,” so i creep. imagine that. or imagine sitting by yourself and donell jones is asking you “imagine if she crushed dudes like you crushed chics/(imagine that)/have a starting five and your position was the bench/(imagine that)/busy when you call, don’t return your messages/(imagine that)/ball till she fall while you taking care of the kids/(imagine that)/imagine if she don’t wanna tell you where she been/(imagine that)/said she hanging with her girls but she hanging out with him/(imagine that),” oh, this whole song won’t hit you well. never does like this next one. it doesn’t matter if it is millie jackson or rod stewart or luther vandross singing it with another man, james ingram, “if loving you is wrong,” can be awkward. it tries to justify things, but when you hear “am i wrong to fall so deeply in love with you/knowing i got a wife and two little children/depending on me too/and am i wrong to hunger for the gentleness of your touch/knowing i got somebody else at home who needs me just as much/and are you wrong to fall in love/with a married man …” something in both of you move. skeletons don’t care for no body. this is where you normally turn the volume down and wonder what’s going on in her head just that moment. you think that was awkward, here’s a song that says what you think but may be afraid to verbalize. the rightest person couldn’t have sang this song. talent to burn and a mouth many think should burn. but sing he can. here is a song you you can’t play now in case you rouse the skeletons or hope you don’t get to play when you say your deuces. “all that bullshit’s for the birds/you ain’t nothin but a vulture/always hopin for the worst/waiting for me to fuck up/you’ll regret the day when I find another girl, yeah/that knows just what i need, she knows just what i mean/when i tell her keep it drama free.” awkward! i was going to save this for the next ‘love is organic’ instalment but couldn’t resist the temptation to put it here. keith sweat knows how to make a girl say yes to you. you may not know he also can help you tell her where to stick it. but are you sure you really want him to say it. because it can really be awkward when he sings “(keith) you say you lookin’ for a real man (what, what)/a brotha tryin’, doin’ all he can (and, so what?)/and so i work all night and day (what, yeah)/but then i gotta listen to you say (girl) (keith))/boo, we don’t ever go nowhere/don’t pay to fix my hair/i need a baller in my world/(say you need a baller in your world)/if i want someone to pay my bills/i got to keep it real/i’m a high class kind of girl/(see you wouldn’t know a real man baby)/(keith) you won’t know a real man/if he stared you in the face/say you wanna try to keep it real/girl i know the deal/you won’t know a real man.” think so much about these songs and the skeletons will rise. play these songs and the skeletons will remain restless. my point in this post is this – until you reach the stage in your relationship when you don’t reach for the volume control to lower the volume of a song or switch off your player, you still got issues with your love being organic. as lovers you should both be able to hear a song and not feel uncomfortable with what it says. until then you have restless skeletons and skeletons don’t care for no body. in the meantime wanna calm your skeletons? hit them with, “me and mr. wrong get along so good (so good)/even though he breaks my heart so bad (so bad)/we got a special thing going on/me and Mr. Wrong (mister wrong)/even if i try, no, i never could/give him up cause his loves like that/ain’t no way that i’m moving on/i love my mr. wrong.”

F-K 2016.