if my skin was not black will the hatred end

if my skin was not white will the hatred end 

am i colorless – as mixed-race

you are colored – as a mixed-race

can i be invisible 

right now you are invisible 

and invisible is not colorless 

invisible is you see color less

let us talk colorless 

yea let us talk colorless

you mean have less color

no i mean have no color

we can be white – white is the absence of color

or we can be black – black is the absence of light

you cannot say black means no light

we just might take it as black means no bright

but i meant you see no white or black

yea but no light is black

so we stay black and white

what about we live black and white



why not skin

why not mind

can we stay colorless – mind and skin

yea we can live colorless – do not mind my skin

F-K 2016.