i really get quite beside myself you

know when i am quite disturbed about you

and i lose at once all sense of value

and in these maddened moments in my head

a frightful dread possesses my head

but fear not – such memories endear people in the heart and the head

much more than hours lived together my beloved

for blood and suffering together by two beloved

make the unyielding bonding ties of the beloved

you wait for not  a very agreeable man

but for one who will give you no man

cause to unbelieve – for i have long as a man

since resolved on a decision

with a conviction

the thought of which is in itself redemption

in the event of my losing you –

that we should lose each other by parting me and you

is quite out of the question – you

would have to become

a better person and i become

more constant myself what i have become

(inspired by the writing of Sigmund Freud)

F-K 2016.