i look back in time

to when my heart was young and the world was mine

driven by desires blind

i look back in time

to when someone told me

people come and people go

like the winds of fortune blow

but the stranger has stayed

i have watched him for years

i have defended him without knowing why

i cannot tell what i see in him or feel for him

sometimes when i am close i feel uncomfortable

slowly the discomfort dissolved into pleasure

a pleasure that makes me uncomfortable

for no matter how hard i try

on seeing him my heart joyfully cry

he appeared from nowhere

with gentle and penetrating eyes

those haunted eyes

they seem to understand without words

they seem innocent and sad

why is he so sad

what can i do to make him smile

to me – he is a man unburdened but sad

but why is he so sad

what can i say to make him smile

in all his sadness – he has a certain charm

a charm that has awakened me

made me free spirited and lively

for he is remotely kind quiet and lively

i did not know someone

could say a lot without words

he has an all-embracing tenderness

with strength and a promise of rest

i am suffocated by his presence

even when we are not side by side

we are like two rivers flowing into an ocean

who is he

i do not know

to me – he has no color or form

to me – he is the stranger

all i want

is friendship and a chance to get to know him

how when why 

these questions have dogged me for years

like a shadow of death …

will they ever be answered

this is my greatest fear – of the stranger

(inspired by Michael Bolton’s ‘The One Thing’)