dear mannequin,

funny you should mention seal. i was listening to “every time i’m with you” last night. when he sang, … we’re like summer and rain/you and i are not the same/that’s what makes it perfect,” i realized we’ve both been foolish. last night i relived us, i tried to skip the painful parts, but i realized these are some of the things that make being with you worthwhile. last night, i held your grief in both hands, stared at it and saw behind your darkened eyes, a soul unsure. i realized then it takes two to instill uncertainty. i hear your demons too, they’ve been in my head all night conversing with my demons. i like the metaphor of the arrow, m. there is a reason it comes in a pair – the straight and the bent. so yes, m, i accept your broken arrow. i’ll take the straight and the bent in our hunt for joy. for it is foolhardy to expect two lovers to love in equal measures. come back, m, come back home. yours, n.

F-K 2016.