he slots the key in the lock and gently turns it. he can’t afford to be noisy. this is a surprise. he has a smile the size of the nile running across his face at the thought of seeing his girl after a long time. his red heart is pounding furiously in his ears. the aches and pains of the trip from his village of chichi, a couple of kilometers from maun to gaborone, forgotten in one huge adrenal rush. he has waited six feverish weeks for this day. he has rehearsed what he is going to say and do – he even has the song he downloaded from ‘my tunez melody’ cued on his phone. he can smell his musky self, but that’s not a problem – “i miss your strong billy-goat smell,” she had said when they last chatted six days ago. he remembers her beautiful brown eyes, round cute face, and african body – he throbs with anticipation. he picks up the plastic bag containing his clothes and her present. he slowly opens the door and sees her. he freezes. 

they were naked.

F-K 2016.