a machine

round yellow and gold

clinks in the sky

shifts a gear – and

the yolky yellow spills warmness down down down

into our naively open pores –

each day a degree higher than before.

it’s been fifty days

my skin itches of death;

the purples and the blues

of the sky melt into the horizon

a continuum of energy

the lines along the horizon lose

their linearity when they meet the hills;

i wish to be

that unrestrained

by the regularity of life.

what’s the diagnosis of a broken heart?

the only ocean we have

here – is the sun:

high in the air where

it can see everything;

reach into the kinks of our home and our bodies.

i walk. i bleed.

fractal structure of the trees

flank the thin wiry-shaped road

and brings apart the blue of the ceiling above.

what’s the diagnosis of a broken heart?

birds-little bits of torn freedom scurry through the night wind-

like warm fireflies in my heart

warm as memory

cold as heartbreak.

i sang my blueberry heart;

the blue tinge of blood fades as

oxygen stings my heart red and dead.

a twisted knife in flesh

pulled out strings of blood

that turned moonlight-white;

back into the sky – my soul swished away in half.

book. broken spine. words. i sat lonely in skin.

lines of rain drove through the night into the soppy mud

splotching pavements with patches of dirty brown

my shadow is mine – and mine alone.

lover lover –

detach yourself from the ground

and magnetize to my lackadaisical heart.

walk across the ocean –

cover me with air and kisses

lift my body like a kite into the sunset.

what is the diagnosis of a broken heart?


there’s something beneath our house.

beneath the foundation.

beneath the earth.

nightly – that thing

(sits in our fireplace—it’s sacred dolmen)

is a sickly blue-neon blob



curling into our nostrils, our mouths

and down the tunnels into our stomach –

when gripped by sleep.

death-the broken heart, a diagnosis-

must at times – stand near the sleeping

decide to follow the rules or

pick the one who’s


meant to die.

so hold my wishes

warm in your lips

tell my soul

you’re here to stay

ohh, don’t tear the skies apart

stars thrown askew

mild smile – fiery heart

boiled words.