he walks through the automatic doors, cane tapping rhythmically on the ceramic floor. the airport is stiflingly hot. he walks two steps forward, turns right, then walks twelve steps forward pass the mascom help desk, he stops, turns left and walks three steps forward and stops. he folds his cane, turns and sits on the metal bench. he puts his traveling bag on his laps and winds the strap around his arm. waits as he has done for the past three years. people mill all around him. chattering. oblivious. she comes into the departure/arrival hall, knowing he will be there, she walks briskly towards him. when she is close enough, he gets up, turns left, and smiles. his heart pulsates violently. she says nothing. she knows he has smelled her. she smiles. she walks the two feet up to him, takes his traveling bag and slings it across her body. pushing the bag behind her, she hugs him. kissing her on the neck he says, “i saw you yesterday.” her heart pulsates volently. she hooks her arm through his, they start to walk towards the exit. “i love it when you dream about me.”