i can see through you like a crystalline glass

a long crystalline glass

your emotions are mine to read

your face turns pale when i walk in – but i can read

your face – it’s palest when my skin touches yours – but your eyes

i can see the desire in your eyes

i make you fumble and tremble

when i give you a lil’ twitched smile – be humble

front teeth dug in my lower lip – you tremble

you just cannot help yourself – be humble

my thoughts fill your heart with the utmost joy – oh the desire

you want to be with me, always – that’s your desire 

you quiver when i lay on your chest 

asked, ‘we are just friends now’ you say as you heave – me on your chest

yet your eyes, body and the movement of your lips

contradict the words on your lips

i know you want me – to touch you again

hope you can see i too want you – to touch me again