“are you pregnant?” nozipho, a seventeen year old university student, looks  at her mother like you would a patient behind an asylum fence. she recalls the pill from the day before – the prophet is wrong this time, mother, she muses. “the prophet said i’m going to be chased out of the house by your father because – .” visions of boikanyo slip into nozipho’s mind, and she doesnt hear what her mother says next. she watches her mother’s body-language of resignation to fate as she removes her church robes. the prophet has never told her a lie. not this time, she muses. she smiles and slips the fourth pill into her mouth. the visions return. boikanyo! boikanyo is besides her on the bed telling her he just received a contraceptive injection at princess marina hospital that will prevent him from impregnating a woman for three years. she smiles. the thoughts of infection furthest from her mind, she closes in on boikanyo like a periwinkle. that was three months ago. “are you pregnant?” nozipho looks at her mother, head cocked to the side, she smiles “no” as she tastes the chalkiness of the four pills still dissolving in her mouth – to clean out boikanyo. 

“i hope not. the pastor also said the person will die in the attempt to remove the pregnancy.”