this is a response to Morgan Byers’ brilliant blog post, “Why Do People Run From The Truth.”

ignorance is the crime each of us carry within us – and it is our job as people to rid ourselves of ignorance piecemeal throughout life by gaining from any and every encounter. i sit here today, not having realized at the time, that each interaction with my mother, every time my father sat across from me at meal times, every word they uttered in chastisement, and every crisis meeting they held with me (and there were thousands of such) was a situation i needed to learn from. i did learn from them and everyone else after that, but the two things my parents taught me, that remain invaluable in my life, are laughter and the need to learn constantly. no one is perfect, that’s how we were created – this imperfection, and the ability to grow – our malleability, is what the angels (created in finite perfection) craved and rebelled for. so, hold your prejudices and open up your mind and learn from every situation you find yourself – but more importantly, have the presence of mind to laugh and see the positives in situations that are not laughter engendering. after all, “only you can dictate how others perceive you,” by how much you apply what you’ve learnt from life’s situations – in your eternal quest for zero defect.