“who’s this?” he laughs. “you lost my number?” she laughs. “i deleted it when you didn’t respond to my last message.” silence. then he hears her chewing recklessly. “goodbye,” and he drops the call. the nurse is standing next to him, “those were all the personal effects we received from the mri people who brought you in. is everything in there?” he checks the brown envelope, “yea, everything is here.” three days later he receives a text from her, “sorry i overreacted when i didn’t hear from you for three days.” he drops his phone and picks up the bottle of diazepam. as he swallows the tablet he thinks about the last three weeks they’ve spent together. she’s fun – media fun. everything they did together was either downloaded from cosmopolitan, facebook or youtube. he is capricious. he picks up the phone, “who’s this?”