cherish watched her daily for three weeks – quiet, bashful, beautiful, timid – but awfully quiet. even with cherish. “may i see you.” she entered the office reverently, gripping the hem of her apron. cherish gestured to the chair in front of her table. she walked slowly to the chair, pulled it back and sat down slowly as if on a pew. she’s looking at the many plaques and decorations in the office like a child viewing the scenes of the crucifixion in church. “face me, please.” she turned slowly to cherish, face and eyes lowered as if caught fondling the mace of the altar boy. “why are you so quiet?” she raised her face slightly, opened her mouth to speak, but thought quickly against it. cherish regretted asking the question. “how much will it take to fix this?” she remained tight-lipped. shaking her head in the negative. “i will pay for it.” she looked up and smiled with her eyes. without been told, she got up, embraced cherish tightly and half ran out of the office. cherish watched her for the next three weeks – rude, arrogant, dismissive, ungrateful – but awfully rude. even to cherish. “may i see you!” she walked into cherish’s office like it was an outhouse. standing just inside the door, she stared at cherish like shit. cherish gestured to the chair in front of her table. she walked gingerly to it and sat down with a sigh. cherish got up from her chair to stand beside her. “face me, please.” she turned to cherish as if in pain. “open your mouth!” she opened her mouth, and cherish pulled out the dentures.