he turned and there she was, smiling. the last time they saw was the day he discovered, after three months with her, that she was lesbian. she was still the prettiest woman he ever saw – earthy. intelligent. soft. she was staring at him with recollection.  “you’ve been well.” the well-built white lady next to her was grinning awkwardly – he was sure she had heard their story in the short time it took him to realize she was at the back of the queue to catch the same flight back to botswana. “what are you doing here?” every city has a vice, this was gay and lesbian city. so she was shocked to see him here remembering how furious he was when he learnt about her other sexual preference. “documentary.” she smiled. “still controversial.” actually the experience with her had taught him to reevaluate his thinking on alternative sexuality. she can see in his eyes the look of affection he always had before that fateful day. “hi, sandy.” the well-built white lady shook his hand strongly. her eyes narrowed when she felt his grip. then he saw his ex touch sandy lightly the way she had touched him the day they parted. they exchanged numbers. as he said goodbye, he stared at the well-built white lady – the look in her eyes was exactly the same he had in his eyes on the day they parted.