some kind of madness –

the linger of your scent on my pillow

a reminder you once were vulnerable enough to lay here

and quench the thirst of your yearning for me

i do not understand it fully

your sheer will to drive across many dark neighborhoods

to come lay on my ethiopian-cotton bed

to come lay on my rosy thoughts

and have conversations this world is not ready to have

about love and hate and jealousy and competition

about you and me and the world and our writings

about nothing really

maybe all that matters is – you rest here

take sips of cool lake water here

get to rest the whirlwinds of your thoughts here

get to love here

get to turn red in anger here

because loving like this can burn you up here

and fan you cool when you realize you love being here

i am looking forward to you taking a nap here

to you questioning me here

to you schooling me here

and – loving me here and – there.