loving you is a math equation

and i’m no good at math equation

my senior high school math teacher told me

“don’t’ register for paper three. don’t embarrass me”

because of its challenge that renders me hopeless

i think “you are hopeless”

would have been a shorter version of his speech

but he knew i was never one to understand a short speech

so, i registered for it anyway

wrote it anyway

passed it anyway

so, i’m still going to love you anyway

still going to be here anyway

i know i’ll get some equations wrong in this paper anyway

but you know i’m still going to write it anywhichway

because i know both you and i won’t have it anyotherway

i know i won’t love you the way you want me to love you anyway

but you know it doesn’t matter anyway

for hell and high waters know anyway

like heaven and hell know anyway

that i’m going to love you anyway