hair spread all over the pillow – she smiles again at him

5 a.m. mid-winter – his heart ghee in 150-degrees-heat oven

the ball arrows into the net and the red nation goes delirious

again – she squeezes his hand

the grandstand of his belly a mass of dancing red feet

again – he goes misty-red delirious

across a row of in-patient seats her eyes narrow

his body a mass of joyful paroxysm – on reception of the repeated ocular arrow

his smile reciprocates the main attraction of the circus around them

the punch of lifes vagaries hit him in the plexus – he doubles in pain

he feels the hand pull him up – again

and he rose again off lifes canvass

the vinyl reaches the cracked point

“love you”“love you” he hears the songstress reiterate her point

he lays back – the customary crack in the vinyl music to his ears

as he hears the serenade of years

joy in repetition.