saturn return

that wasnt about your phenomenon

that was a command

you dont like a command

well – heres a new phenomenon

did you know saturn return

my love believes in astrology

but since your return

all that preoccupies us is psychology

its not a good thing nature psychiatrist

if weve to manage your turns paying a psychiatrist

saturn return

take your miserable triple-ten turn

and give it to your lover

she needs something to turn her over

since youve been too busy sending sorrows

that blight other lovers tomorrows


since you came into her life

bringing all your strife

i have had peace none

for my love has become my saturn return

did you know saturn return

two doses of misfortune

have us dancing to the wrong tune

waiting twenty-nine years

for bucketsful of tears

in the summer of our lives

is like taking acid-water skinny-dives

skins peeled – emotions raw

tempers ready at the draw

do you know youve driven my love crazy

and me crazy trying to restore her from crazy

delusional thoughts of bi-polar mind

mind – before now solace for my mind


quarter-life crisis – questioning our every thoughts

making us realize we are not where we want to be

lord of karma – you know this is where we want to be

this โ€“ after you turned up โ€“ is still our combined thoughts

god of harvest โ€“ on your return youll have good harvestation.