with you – i want to scale its summit

savor the rarefied air at its summit

watch the sunrise – a thin blue beam of light at the horizon

thats why its maddening scanning the horizon

from this chamber of horrors at icefall

watching crevasse open under me

dodging ice-pinnacles you aim at me

you banging me all over the lhotse wall

me hanging on to rope of suspicious strength

you chasing me with frenzied strength

around the moonscaped death-zone

me at the edge of the atmosphere no go zone

where the sky possesses a strange dark blue color

my being harassed a chagrined color

it makes no sense being at the valley of silence

listening to crackling croons instead of serene silence

not knowing whether i am going up

or remaining at the basecamp staying all night up

we both have turbulence memories

lets make positive use of these memories

let them help us scale this turbulence

i am tired of fleeing camp – when theres turbulence

i want you – turbulence and all – will you ever rest

can we aspire to savor the air at the summit of our everest.