today i sat in church

honoring an invitation from a friend

who knows ive never been to church

i couldnt disappoint a friend

thirty minutes into his sermon the pastor said favor is unfair

and i thought he is a good pastor

then he preached ninety minutes more – unfair

i thought – you knew favor is unfair pastor

i thought you knew having the favor of being pastor

doesnt mean at twelve 38 degrees noon you become unfair

by taking liberties of being pastor

and preaching thirty minutes by four in weather unfair

holding your heat-stroked congregation hostage

and risking losing their toasted homage

paying your wife homage

while holding your flock hostage

with rambling preaching

repetitive rambling preaching

that has made its point in thirty minutes

but repeated in thirty times three sweaty minutes

the length of a sermon

shouldnt depend on your demon

itching for self-aggrandizement

that reduces your flock to angered amazement

the aim of a sermon is to hear you preach

a lesson that will teach

your flock what they need to know

to spiritually grow

but all ive heard today

is how you met your wife one day

what a sunday ive had

that made me real hot and mad