when we met

i found a thousand love/hate emotional fragments

in your heart

my own heart

an exact mirror of those thousand fragments

when we met

i know – no one can heal your heart

with their own broken heart

but who else will bring you a bottle of rain

for when your heart cannot tell the difference

between the tears in your heart and the rain

but one who knows the difference

being with you – and can tell the difference

the reassuringly pleasing difference

between your tearful pain and your smile

i – who loves it when you smile

the cage is already around the bird

there is no need to further restrict the bird

allow the bird feeding on the fragments

feeding on its innards – the fragments

of your broken heart to wander free

from the fragments that remind it it isnt free

here is my bottle of rain

to wash away the fragments of pain

for when it does rain and the pain

threatens – as usual – to taint the rain.

fkregieblog 2016