autumn was frosty-love-cold

but here you are indian summer

just when i thought my heart was frosty-love-cold

your love proves i was just a frosty-love-cold bummer

unlike the guardian angel 

you have come creeping – an earth angel

over my frosty-love-cold-living days indian summer

just when i was envisaging a bleak forlorn summer

turning a clammy climatic

phenomenon into the climactic

moment of my frosty-love-cold-wintered living

this is living

for youve come into my life indian summer

turned my frosty-love-cold winter into bright summer

bearing in your heart an indian sign

turning my life from burnt out to glowing neon sign

that makes me glow with joy

making passionate where once was no joy

magic is magic is magic

funny i didnt believe in good magic

until you came indian summer

indian sign in heart to warm this frosty-love-cold bummer.

fkregieblog 2016