if you are not what

i took you for it is my fault

for wooing you

without knowing you

to soften is the task of a woman

not weaken a man

i renounce what i demanded

i do not need an ally right or left-handed

such as i hoped to make you into – a clone

i am strong enough to fight alone

you shall not hear another harsh word

from me – not another misguided word

i observe that i do not gain

what i wanted in you over and over again

and i shall lose my loved one

if i continue this way – my loved one

i have asked of you

what is not in your nature

and i have offered you

nothing in return due to my nature

you have certainly given up

the least valuable thing to give up

the indispensable part

on which i hang – a lover rampart

all my feelings and thoughts

within all my forts

 but only this i know – you remain for me – loved one

a precious sweet loved one.

fkregieblog 2016