i regard it

as a serious misfortune

that nature

did not give me

that indefinite something

which endears people

if i think back on it

on my life and this misfortune

of nature

it is what incompletes me

that something

to make my existence rosy with people

it has always taken me i know it

a long time of fortune

due to my nature

to win a friend over to me

and every time i meet someone with something

i notice like other people

to begin with some impulse – an it

which they – in spite of my misfortune

and my inauspicious nature

do not need to analyze about me

that it – that something

leads them to underestimate me as one to love by people

it is a matter of a glance – an it

or a feeling – a misfortune

this thing of nature

or some other secret of nature but it affects me

very unfortunately – this something

when i meet people

what compensates me for it

is the thought – in spite of this misfortune

this mark of nature

of how closely all those who have become friends with me

knowing this unfortunate something

keep to me – as one to love by people.

fkregieblog 2016