we shall get through all right

i can see we need not fight

or be anxious about the final outcome

or what will become

of our efforts for us to belong

it is purely a matter of how long

it will take before everybody

and i mean every bloody-body

discovers they are

rash and they are

wrong about us

and no need for the fuss

let us look therefore towards the future

yours and mine – our future

to see what will come of it all

not if we will fall

it is only a caprice of fate

and the imprudence of hate

for those who hate

to want to rob us of our fate


and i mean nothing

can really touch us

in spite of all the fuss

because we have not been

and we couldnt have been

as bad as they all imagine

dear one only this you must imagine

that we shall come together

just you and i – together

at the end and

when all the fuss dies and

will love each other more

sweetly much more

and thoroughly

since we have so thoroughly

savored privation

in the face of adverse deprivation

no obstructions

no misguided instructions

no bad luck

no goading to follow the flock

no haunt of those who hack

no will of those who bark

no allure of the bi-forked tongue

when we have done no wrong

can prevent our final success

but merely delay our success

so long as we stay well

and not let our heads swell

but remain forever cheerful

and love – me you you me a heartful.

fkregieblog 2016