those who hurt are vain and always in search of self-fulfillment – the desire to be number one everywhere. like a lover who wants to be the first and last lover a man/woman has. he/she may be, but the lover wants other things – that threaten the number one status of those who hurt. then they go on another search – forgetting they have already created a world in which they are number one. forsaking number one spot to start all over – selling rung-dreams as they climb up the ladder of affections of those they hurt. those who hurt are driven by self-love – but rather than create, they destroy. they build by extraction – removing the furniture (heart and soul) in the home to create a house (empty dependency). notice how those who hurt hardly finish any project. they arrive, seek to be number one, become number one. but they have cops in their minds, you see. and the cops in their minds always haunt them. then they leave, cops in mind, to seek new horizons of self-ordained mind-cops. those who hurt are destructively jealous – not in a violent way, but in a self-deprecating manner. their self, their owned are never enough. those who hurt have a reason for hurting – a past or an abusive present that they cannot overcome. somehow, this drives them to seek that which hurts them – so that being cold has no need to be explained. those who hurt find god and religion – but they never know god. those who hurt are sweet, caring, loving and loyal – when the environment is right. but in a world of duality, where darkness precedes light, the environment is never right for those who hurt.

fkregieblog 2016