inspired by my response to Sarah Doughty’s “between the lines.”

here are some facts about the selfless mind: first, the selfless things they do for people are never appreciated while they are still around. second, and this derives from the first, the things people learn from selfless people seem harsh when they are said or done, and they are disliked or thought insensitive until much later when the veracity of what they said or did starts to unravel (to help the one who received it). third, and this derives from the second, people considered insensitive when you are together, usually leave you with a life-long lesson for how to approach life. fourth, selfless people are missed long after they are gone, but know this, the fact that the good lessons they teach are appreciated long after they are gone – is what keeps them doing what at first seems inconsiderate, insensitive and harsh. know this, the selfless mind bleeds, but their bleeding hearts will always flow to give life to those around them – but they bleed. know this, be wary of the disadvantages of not seeing the positive in people when you are with them. know this, be wary of being blinded by rainbows, learn to read between the lines, learn that the details are usually in the fabric not how the wearer appears to the beholder, learn to separate a lesson to be learned from the (sometimes obnoxious) personality of the person that ‘teaches’ it.