love does not do templates

love is no science with templates

mistakes will be made

thats what makes it perfect

being afraid that mistakes will be made

is preoccupation with the imperfect

light was appreciated because darkness was present

darkness is appreciated because light is present

every time he touched her

she realized not every touch violated

every time he was held by her

one of his fears evaporated

with every one of her actions

she proved she was no prototype

with every one of his actions

she realized he was no prototype

like the man who taught his wife to cook

over twenty years – himself no good cook

by telling his wife what was good

not saying what was bad meant it was no good

she was happy when the food didnt burn

but he was there when the food would burn

every time he said the words

one of his doubts would go

every time she heard the words

one of her doubts would go

so a tear of hers ceased with each i got you

and a fear of his eased with each i got you.