silk engineer

with the seeming smooth veneer

can you feel the silkworm

the soul-tortured silkworm

eating into your fabrics

you who likes to play with fabrics

tell me – why do you have only one way

of getting silky thread in bedloads – one way

why is it you want silky thread but you kill its

creator – know my pain – while constructing its

cocoon – the silkworm will twist

in a figure-8 motion – yes twist

you ask how many times

three hundred thousand times

you look with bewilderment

yes – just to produce a kilometer of filament

yes – thats how many times you had me

spin when you wanted silk from me

dont act surprised silk engineer

with the shifty smooth veneer

you had my body dont play with my head

you know what you did when you wanted my thread

you know – since hatching from the cocoon

destroys my thread – to harvest my silk – the cocoon

you blasted with hot air and boiling water

forgot how you blasted me with steaming water

your airy attitude and your malevolent machinations

how you kept me melting with your machinations

ironic – to get your silk you killed the pupa

was the silk more important than the pupa

can you feel the silk on your skin

the silk you held up to flame

can you feel the droplets on your skin

droplets of hot silk balls from the flame

feel how hurtfully hot it is

when what you expect isnt what is

silk engineer

with the serpentine smooth veneer

can you feel can you hear the silkworm

the very same silkworm

you prevented from weaving more silk

knitting new silk for those not of your ilk.

fkregieblog 2016.