dandelion – maligned weed

with nourishments my mind.body.soul need

your nature flavors my soul leaving me tipsy

your rampant roots in my body leaves my vital organs tipsy

in rude health and thoughts of you

settle all emotional heartburns preceding you

dandelion – radiant weed

with the clarity i need

your intelligence purity vibrancy

stimulate my appetite for one occupancy

your joy ridding my mind of excess fluids

health-harmful re-fluxing fluids

dandelion – cleansing weed

of a different breed

your spirit has created space

in the clouded space

that was my mind for new beginnings

with refreshing meanings

dandelion – mother earth

who brought me down to earth

curing my wandering flights

begotten of senseless skewed sights

in known circles – of emotional insurgence

no more ungroundedness – only resurgence

dandelion – lions tooth

who named you lions tooth

how did they not know when you gave me you

i fear nothing

how did you know when you gave me you

i had nothing

dandelion – pitiful weed

who heals and replenishes but has a need

did you know when you gave me you

i wanted nothing – but happiness for you

did you know when you gave me you

i wanted nothing – but a nurturing soil for you

dandelion – enduring weed

outlasting every unwanted weed

from my heart nothing will pluck your petals

your tons of little florets and petals

not while the soil of my heart

nurtures your seed heads in their home – my heart

dandelion – mysterious weed

for me a welcome weed

with divine revelation that heals me with pure love

happy the autumn wind blew your feral fluffs of pure love

to replenish rapidly and preoccupy my mind

so i can nurture your exotic raging roots of love in my mind.

fkregie 2016.