your essence exists in me

i carry you wherever with me

yes – here there everywhere

yes – many things remind me of you everywhere

sweet-smelling incense reminds me of you

the soul-soothing you

honking cars remind me of you

the calming cautions when i wanderlust with you

i see needles and i think

of you saying you love every drop of ink

on my body – a face within a shroud

but your essence makes me more proud

for that you are tattooed to my soul

inked indelibly with loving liquids of my soul

did i just see your face crack

with a smile – oh – i look like a soul on crack

only because always – i am lost in your eyes

your twin orbs of warm ice

you ask is my heart full

if it isnt full then i am a fool

for you are a gem for my turquoise heart

embedded enduringly in my turquoise heart.

fkregieblog 2016.