there is yesterday there is today there is tomorrow and there is the next day in which they both live. “why is it that every time i find happiness you show up.” she stares at him unable to speak. she remembers the language but she knows what his option will be. the hospital smell sneaking stealthly up his sinuses. he stands beside the gurney on which she lies unmoving, waiting for the nurses, who wait outside the room to give them a private moment, to come wheel her away for an operation he knows she won’t survive. silence. he removes the ipod from his pocket, put it beside her hand and pressed ‘play’.  “different kinds of people/different kinds of life/we go walking towards the future/with different size strides/show me the way to solve your sorrows/and i’ll do what i can/’cause we have the experience.”[1] he squeezes her hand lying beside what remains of her body – underneath the white blanket meant to keep her warm. “show me the way to solve your problems and i’ll be there/show me the way and i’ll do what i can/what can i say ohh lately what can i do/i just can’t stand losing.” he stares at her wet eyes – unmoving, and she sees ‘see you later’ in his eyes. he turns and walks out of the room as the tears start to sting his eyes. he needs to find a way – a way to die so they can be together the next day.

fkregieblog 2016.

[1] Seal. “Show Me.” Seal. ZTT Warner Music UK Sire: 1991.