written in collaboration with intrudesite


i walked down a road of memories

i watched myself sacrifice

more and more of me

till finally nothing was left

till finally nothing mattered

hence i returned to earth

because nothing matters

but here i realized

my vulnerabilty


to abusers

to healers

to lovers

all with their own visions of me

i melted because of time or global warming

this time i realized nothing mattered

to anyone else but me …

mind over matter

now, i mind…

tell me, i matter …

love, tell me i matter… 


so you took a walk down memory lane

and you say everything else was plain

except the self-sacrifices

that nothing is left after the self-sacrifices

now you wonder if you matter to me

now you wonder what does he see in me

that i should tell you you matter

that shouldnt be a concerning matter

its not what you have told me about you

it is not what i know about you

can you hear my voice in your head

reminding you its not what is in your head

but that i know – that i love you

my respect for you – my reverence for you

not that you wonder whether you matter

do you matter

of course you more than matter to me

thats what should matter to you and me

hope you dont mind

that you matter in my heart and mind.