fiction is fun

true hun

i like how some make me cry

yea those about hard-knocks make you cry

i hook up a book – instant relationship

like our relation-ship

what about our relation-ship

i was referring to fiction that make you cry

they are like our relationship – but they make me cry

 i meant – i like the human-boat relation-ship

oh – some make me laugh

the attitude towards fiction makes me laugh

in academic affairs you cant advance if all you do is fiction

it contributes nothing to higher education

they say – theres no evidence of research

why teach what comes wontedly – why teach watery fun

i guess after the stress of science – you need fun

but why do we teach what has no evidence of research

ffs – fiction feeds on fact-finding – like our relationship

what about our relationship

lots of look-ups – but its fun

and in between the cries – lots of fun

fkregie 2016.