we agreed no more mention of ….

not because it rhymes with pain

so it is more than just rhyme

yea – it is more than just rhyme

and you wont mention the word

yea – i wont mention the word

because it makes her wheeze

then follows the freeze

ah – the word has to do with loneliness

only sad people without people to ponder feel loneliness

so what do lovers without their lovers feel

aloneness and a heart-murmur – thats what they feel

not loneliness

yea – you can be alone and not feel loneliness

but you can be in a crowd and feel alone

you are sad in a crowd – not because youre alone

you see – lovers without their lovers miss a two-some action

something they would love to do together – kind of action

what does that have to do with the unmentionable word

when the word

falls youre not usually with your loved one

and you miss your loved one

yep – and missing isnt loneliness

sadness is loneliness.

fkregie 2016.