“wena, you’re behaving like a bompie. your entire life is tied to him. does he value your relationship like you value him? if he valued you why hasn’t he married you?”


d4 – she moved the queen pawn two spaces forward opening up the center as well as the file for the queen and the diagonal for the queen bishop.

d5. in response to d4, she moved the queen pawn two spaces.

she took a sip of wine and watched her to see if her words have had any effect on her. she knew she was vulnerable and flighty of thoughts. and for the past three months she has been playing mind games with her – breaking down her loyalty to her boyfriend of three years like the berlin wall. she had made sure the boyfriend knew about her by calling her several times when she knew they were together. that would force them to discuss her – subliminally planting the idea of her in his mind.

           “i mean,” and she stretched herself on the sofa – the mind monkeys were running through her mind-maze with the number 7 key.

             “how can somebody so intelligent like you be such a bhari. girl, you are only twenty and you’re already living with a guy? that is so 1950.” she wasn’t done with her.

             “are you on facebook?”


             “do you have a twitter account? instagram?”


             “chana, you’re not living. you are already a mosadi mogolo at twenty, ijoo!” she laughed and then took a sip of wine.

             “nna, no man is putting this ass of mine in a house with him, he can pay for it, but medi, he ain’t living in the same house as me till i am ripe and ready. you guys are currently living together, akere?”


c4. she moved the queen bishop pawn two spaces offering the pawn for black’s queen pawn.

e5. she declined the gambit, and offered the king pawn in an albin-counter-gambit. risky move!

she knew that was a risky move. this girl was sprung. she knew trying to separate the two will be difficult, so she needed to be very strategic. imagine, they had fought violently last week, she moved out, and by the end of the week they were back together. they were like a pair of buttocks – stuck together.

            “by the time you  guys get married the romance will have worn off. you need to get a place of your own.” i want the chance to go and visit the guy at their flat with the pretense am i looking for my friend. i don’t want no second-hand four five full time. i don’t want the odd chance of her asking if she could live with me either. i am not ready to be responsible for anyone. i don’t really want to split them up as lovers, just split them up as flatmates – but the stupid girl is taking it differently. she thinks i want her to dump the guy.


dxe5. she accepted the counter gambit.

d4. she pushed the queen pawn forward, preventing nc3 – wishing to spring the lasker’s trap.

she knew she liked alcohol and especially wine and she intended to ply her with alcohol to loosen her up and make her more comfortable around her today for her next move. she poured more wine into her glass, she didn’t refuse.

             “you know, that’s a very good advice.”

             “check, you’re a young and beautiful girl, you shouldn’t be –” she trails off and watched the effects of her words on her again. she has come to notice she smiled softly whenever she mentioned either her beauty or her intelligence. she was vain like winnie. she sensed it made her feel better. she had said she was just passing through, but the moment she said was beautiful, she noticed she took off her shoes and adjusted herself comfortably on the sofa.


e3 she moved the king pawn one space to attack black’s queen pawn. she thought about the move. it might eliminate black’s menacing queen pawn that is cramping white’s game. however, she knew this move was dubious, due to black’s next move. should she play nf3 or e4 instead?

bb4+. bishop delivered check. she knew white had only two possible moves to block the check, but neither would be a very good move.

she also knew she smoked zol at high school. afterall, they were schoolmates. she knew she hadn’t smoked in a while, but once a zoller … she looked up from the chess game, picked up her bag, searched in it and brought out a roll. she lit and offered it to her. she refused. she didn’t want to smell of weed when she got home. her boyfriend has a nose like a bobby. but the smell of burnt leaf was tempting.


she blocked the check with nd2. she moved the black piece to answer with 5… dxe3 taking the pawn. then 6. fxe3 qh4+.

if white tried to push the king knight pawn to drive the queen away: 7. g3, black will reply with qe4, attacking white’s king rook, pawn on e3, and pawn on e5, with a solid advantage. she noted the fact that the knight was pinned to the king and cannot capture the queen on e4. if white moved the king up: 7. ke2 bg4+ 8. ngf3 nc6 black would have the upper hand, as white’s isolated pawns on e3 and e5 would be hard to defend.

she decided to soften her up by talking about something that had preoccupied her more recently. she was full of ideas of how to make money. she knew she was ambitious. from what she has told her about her relationship, she figured that’s one of the things that frightened her boyfriend about her. she knew a girl with such a mind was hard to keep – she has a restless mind. nothing the boyfriend would do would be able to satisfy her. but she didn’t have the time to wait for natural causes – she wanted her man, and wanted him now.

            “why don’t you pursue the business idea you spoke about last time?”

            “yea, i’m thinking seriously about it. but i don’t have the cash at the moment.”

            “can’t your boyfriend help, after all you have done so much for him.”

            “yea hey. but you know there’s a problem. what happens when i break up with him as you advised?” she hasn’t advised her to break up with him, but why burst her bubble?

            “doesn’t matter. you can just be business partners.”

            “that’s a good advice … you know, i care for him a lot -”

            “i know. but girl, love is business. riding a nigga for just love is so ninety-twenties. look at my dig.” she looked around and the opulence made her flat seem like a dog kennel.

            “do you even know what the definition of a relationship is?”

           “as in relationship?”


           “why, is it not what it is supposed to be a friendship with a great guy who makes you feel good about yourself?”

           “girl, your mind is in such a dwaal. you need to crawl out from under that stone you are living. a relationship is a legal form of prostitution where a female collects money, cars, and other valuable things in exchange for sex.”


           “every item here has a sponsor. these are not the times for being a mapara. you see that fridge, someone bought it, another guy stocks it. nna, i’m a kugel. no sdida ndoda for mahala. so make the skollie pay for it. imagine stealing your thing for nothing. sisi, you need to go central locking on that guy.” they both laugh.


she considered blocking the check with bd2 but this move will fall prey to the lasker’s trap. so, instead of exchanging bishops, black played dxe3 – setting the lasker’s trap. she sat back satisfied knowing full well that though white can reply with different moves in defense, none will be satisfactory.

she adjusted her position on the sofa and admired her trap on the board and its effect on her face. she had her where she wanted her – the queen was gone, time to go get her king!

fkregie 2016.