tonight my red heart turned blue

i havent seen my lover in three moons blue

two moons ago he texted – i love you

tonight he texted a picture by mistake out of the blue

my lover was kissing a boy in blue

the winter rains have gone warm

mom said – your father is again going to make me a mom

then she showed me his photo – my blood went warm

a sepiaed picture stared at me that wouldve been norm

but it was a picture of my lover and my mom

she likes taking credit for saving every old cast-away

so she took him back from the dark – in a way

but he had learned more infidelious tricks while away

soon the matryoshka dolls started to emerge from their hide-away

soon – like before – the new tricks started to get in the way

he said – what you dont know wont kill you

he shouldve listened to himself too

like sugar – too much salt gets saltier too

played around and got caught red by boo

too late to tell him now – what you dont know can kill you

saw him last night and he said – i am nice

i heard the news today that wrapped my heart in ice

i didnt tell him he couldnt drive when he was high on ice

i took a red-head in high gear – he took a red in high gear and a slice

now he lies on a slab cold as ice

she said her name was mary-jane

moments with her were always high octane

i didnt realize she was burgundy ch4king on her own methane

so i enjoyed her highs – blind to her lows of pain

as she is lowered – i feel the onset of my burgundy pain

she thought it wouldnt matter

she made adjustments to avoid discussing the matter

her friends assured her it was mind over matter

but the color of derision rose in their eyes as they said it didnt matter

when they mistook the groom for ring-bearer – she knew height would matter

she was clever and she knew it

he was soft at heart and she knew it

he was like a wind instrument – and she knew how to blow it

but she blew cold and cold and he couldnt take it

now she sits sifting old sweet-notes – a cuttlefish clueless how she blew it

he gave her codeine-phosphate

he knew she wouldnt read the high notes – being gaga of late

being bipolar – a constant kegger in the brain she loved to hate

but it was a communion he hated to hate

as he could have her on a steady high and play god with her fate

they were like peas in a pod

then the green locusts came and ate through their ripe pod

needing cover – she went for a pea in a green pod

today – peanitent in his brown pod

he stares as new locusts eat through her prone pod

not every knife has a blade

he didnt realize a spade isnt always a spade

they mis-called hers passion-killing with a spade

she had driven through his black heart a knife with no blade

they mis-called his suicide – because he hangs from a bough in a glade

he had driven her mad

then he locked her up in the red room because she was mad

its a shame for people to know you know someone mad

he thought – but the thought drove him mad

he forgot – trying to keep sane can drive you mad

old friends for sale

beware they have colors beyond the pale

see beyond the pale before you put yourselves up for sale

know they wont blow in the same direction in a gale

old friends for sale.

(inspired by the music of Prince)

fkregie 2017.