… store keeper

on sunny days you went window-shopping

with the key to me in your hand

on cloudy days you went window-shopping

the key to me – heavy in your hand

on rainy days – when not window-shopping

you sat in the old cafe across from me

sconeful – sipping cold coffee

tracing and retracing old copy blots

requested blues tracks choking jukebox slots

while a puddle from pretty galoshes

pooled in front of me

many mannequin artifices

later – thinking my rose rosette needy

you come to open the door to me

but the one with pretty galoshes

has come shopping

savored my rose rosette

and changed the lock to me

now you stand window-shopping

in front of me

watching red rosettes in bloom

puddle drying by your feet

dud key in hand – erst store keeper.

fkregie 2017.