most times when – as lovers

we reach the climax

of our affair its easy

to assume the one you loved

let you down

that they wanted your pain

hurt – we

only remember just the one

moment they let us down

forgetting the one

hundred times they

made us happy

we assume we have been lied to


it takes a liar to know a liar

you see

like the african proverb says

all lizards lie prostrate

so it is difficult determining

which one

has bellyache

in time – the pain

forces the sick one on its back

and that which was  

unknown becomes known

the same is true

of lovers

but when you have loved

many you come to the realization

some lovers

have high pain tolerance

the same is true

of lizards

so the fact the pain tolerance

of one lizard was low doesnt mean

it was the only one

that had a bellyache

you see

some lizards

have high pain tolerance

the same is true

of lying lovers.

fkregie 2017.