we live in two worlds – you and i

this world – where no one else exists

just you and i

no stress no strife

where the purity of what we share

blossoms in fleurs of aqua lavender and olive-green

then there is that world – when we are apart

where the bliss and serenity of this world are non-native

a world where nothing else seems to exist – even you

a dark world of nautical-oceanic colors

reminiscent of mercury and venus


a world where white means black

where all that surrounds me is gray and pale yellow and i become red 

a world i cannot find you – the sole moon in my other world

and then suddenly i am calm

realizing searching for you is a waste of time

for though i carry you within me – you surround me

a satellite in my blue and white world.

fkregie 2017.