so they want to erase my memories

no – they want to turn off specific memories

i dont want nobody reading my memories

but these memories make you sick

which memories make me sick

my non-declarative or my declarative memories

look – i learnt to shoot to kill

i remember how i killed those i meant to kill

if they take away my non-declarative memories

how do i protect myself in a violent society

if they take away my declarative memories

how do i remember those i shouldnt kill in a violent society

stop the quest for traumatic excess

give us sweet memories

so we forget learned bad memories

without rehearsal memories become harder to access

you see – memory doesnt go bad

it is the ability to retrieve it that goes bad

… yesterday my memories were erased

today i got hit by a baseball bat in a hijack

and got acquired savant syndrome – memories unerased

and all bad memories are back.

fkregie 2017.