he puts his hand in the small of your back

two fingers pressed into the center of your palm

he pulls you close

he steps with his left your right

you focus on his eyes

and try to ignore your feet

as they clumsily count one two three

you are trying to trust him

he knows this dance better than you

you are still a novice

and it is obvious you have not learnt yet

to lean in and let him control the turns

he takes his time

even when you miss a step – it is fine

he knows you are learning

he wants you to put your hand in his

close your eyes and trust him

with your life your heart with worry

but you are so scared

with hurt worth and unworthy

with loving and unlovable

your heart has been hurt before

you have been burned before

loved and endured loss before

you are in no mood for a dance

no mood to be romanced

you have become a great cynic

and love’s greatest critic

but he sends you invitations every day

even though you have yet to rsvp

he does not mind you

he keeps pursuing you

and taking steps in spite of you

he is a songwriter

composing the notes

that hold together eternity

he wants to teach your limbs to sing

he has been waiting

to see you let go of woe and worry

until your soul sings

in that beautiful voice he gave you

that you have somehow come to think

is not so beautiful

to dance with him

you must give in and give up

put in the trust it takes to really love

and you want to love him unbridled

believing in him with a faith that is unshakeable

like tree roots centuries deep

until you learn to follow his time

take deep breaths

and rest your head on his chest

and your cares at his feet

and never fear as long as you depend on you

so you take his hand

take a chance

fingertips in the palm of the one who holds galaxies

at the tips of his hands

your hand on his shoulder

your heart in his hand

and dance to a downbeat

that keeps time with his heartbeat

sometimes it feels like

he is letting you go

when he is only letting you turn

sometimes it feels like

he is letting you fall

when he is only letting you learn

his is the song that never ends

in his love sinners become friends

he wants to dance with you

until the only song you hear is him.

(compliments: A. Brown)