like flies to a horse

each has his or her affliction

like horseflies to a zebra

each has his or her fortification

three striped species of zebra


but no two share the same stripe pattern

each his or her own complexity in creation

but each his or her own constant in lived lifes lot

we wonder why flies fancy a horse

but not the zebra

yet wherever we wander

we find unbound unions of men and women

each unbound union different in creation

yet all seeking sameness in destination

each lacking legal binding

but each spending substantial time together

dont wonder what binds them together

what we seek we find

what we flee from flees from us

what we wish for one day

becomes reality another day

be thoughtful then what you wish

for our wishes become us

you cannot live the wish

of another – or have a wish 

like a zebra with skin like a horse.

(inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson)

fkregie 2017.