alone in a hole in a wall

no more turbulence

in mzansi

alone in a hole in a wall

next to overflowing opulence

in mzansi

left my town in a greyhound

to live like a hound

alone in a hole in a wall

in mzansi

incoming message: i want to know why

outgoing message: this is why

you put our affair on facebook

yet you cannot read a book

you send me sms – each the length of a book

full of emojis with either an angry or a bored look

so i should know and do something about your emotions

but you express your emotions

using stupid stock images

from the same stupid stock pages

every one of your kind use

you who seek love but give abuse

every day a caterpillar drive from red october

so i left in november

tired of taking your s… emojis and all

for mzansi

to live alone in a hole in a wall

in peace in mzansi.

(inspired by k. maswaneng’s media article)

fkregie 2017.