Good evening sir.Thank you for the comment but l think you have gotten everything wrong.When l was asking people to pledge l had no intention to put one up and  belittle the other.What l did was not under compulsion we asked people to say what they could afford so that we could record their names.Read Exodus 25:1- .You will see God calling people to give the gold and silver he gave them. Read 1 Kings 17:8 –you will see Elisha telling the widow woman .A widow for that matter to give him bread to eat.Read Malachi you will hear God himself saying to Israel bring the tithe into the store house.He commands people to bring the tithe.l don’t think l coerced anything l explained to people when you were not there we were going to collect the offering for the conference and people in our church know l have never coveted their money.The instruments you see the bulk of them l bought them with my own money for the church. I think you know my number if you don’t understand something come and ask me before you make conclusions.lf you want to go and fellowship elsewhere because of today’s service you are free to do will be your choice l can’t stop you but if you want to stay it’s still fine with me.At DHI we teach on giving and we make no apologies about that and we give too. There are various ways of collecting offerings when churches are buying land,building or buying equipment  they do what l did or people stand up and pledge.Some.churches an ounce amounts people give. The reason l said “students” it’s because in our church we don’t believe in overburdening students but if they want to exercise their faith we allow them to do so.When you didn’t pledge did anyone compel you to give? No! people are not compelled to give they give freely.lts sad that in your view it came out that way but to those who made pledges lam sure they have a different opinion.ln our church we never want to receive an offering from a grumbling heart.Concerning the man who preached he did not demean anyone he was talking about different postures and he explained that in his culture people who are lazy are referred to in the posture he demonstrated.He wasn’t mocking disabled people. I am sure not everything you do is approved by everyone just like you found it offensive.Others didn’t see it your way.Sorry about that.Things don’t always come out the way we want them to come out.Every church under the sun is not perfect just like you are not perfect  but we strive for perfection always.That man was talking about power in our hands.lf you need us to talk make an appointment with me.lam ready to explain all anomalies you saw.I want to end by saying DHI is not buying instruments for pastor they are buying for themselves. Read the story of Ananias and Saphira again in Acts 5 – establish reasons since you are an academic why they died.Iam available for discussion on this topic if you want us to discuss. I am sure l can recommend two theologians so that you get their opinion too.Let love lead, let the truth prevail and let grace overcome.Thank you for your message and may l say that by writing this don’t think the pastor is upset with you for raising these matters.l welcome constructive criticism it makes us better leaders.l thought l should state my position

the message is as sent by pastor. all i did was embolden certain parts .