ricky – can you help me with my homework

can it not wait till mom gets home from work

nope – i need five examples of vector and scalar quantities

they gave you that as homework – vector and scalar quantities

ok frieda-kate lemme see – use uncle victor

really ricky – i am not asking about the qualities of uncle victor

he is just a broke drunk casa –

i know – but he has qualities like vector quantities

that broke drunk casa –

yep – lots of qualities like vector quantities

you see – like a vector – uncle victor who has played the field

has angular momentum drag thrust torque and magnetic field

cool isnt it – that uncle victor has vector qualities

ricky – maybe – but uncle victor is no vector

he is just a broke drunk casa – sorry uncle victor

but his qualities can solve your homework on quantities

the other day he was with aunty schola

and i could tell he also has qualities like scalar

really! uncle victor

the very same drunk lazy casa – sorry – uncle victor

aunty schola was screaming for him to give her things

really funny ricky – what things – material things

nope! she was screaming “gimme some victor”

thirty minutes later she went “oh victor – size length and power”

really ricky – that drunk lazy casa – sorry – uncle victor

yep – and you can add momentum and time to size length and power.

fkregie 2017.