sadist – ii

a real man

doesnt raise his hands

against a woman

he raises a woman with his hands.

fkregie 2017.


sadist – i

when you see a hurt woman

as the source of your strength – thats a weakness

for you will neither overcome that woman

nor your weakness.

fkregie 2017.


only three named angels

all male

proof there are no female angels

but here you are – not male

i hear angels dont reproduce – true

so – who made you

i hear angels have no wings

so – how did you learn to mend broken wings

i hear angels have no form – like winds

but you hold back the four winds.

fkregie 2017.


“i smelt a fuse burn”

this made me laugh

on a day everything was on burn

mode – like you make me laugh

whenever my mind is on burn

mode – like you make me laugh

whenever sparks fly

to set this fired soul


always – instinctually – on the fly

you come to watermark this soul

and cool the fiery haze

like you were born

to give me life.

fkregie 2017.

earth matters – ii

it doesnt matter

where you are

on this earth

only this matter

always – you are

constant in this earth.

fkregie 2017.

earth matters – i

before i met you

i thought the earth

was mine – and that

made me happy

since i met you

this earth

is yours – and this

makes me happy.

fkregie 2017

smiling sobs

till your cryptic cry – i didnt understand

the loudness of your silence

when your tears tore the smiling silence

my heart heaved for manning my silence

and not sensing your smiles were sobs in silence

i am here – but now – i understand.

fkregie 2017.

lesson from my father

in all you do – worry about the truth

even when you err – speak the truth

life shouldnt be about whether you lose or a win

for – in a battle between

truth and untruth

whats couth and whats uncouth

hard-work and laziness

reality and deceptiveness

reason and unreason


dont strain for dignity

they dont push for acceptability

they rise to the top – undeniably

at the right time – irresistibly.

fkregie 2017.

why should i cry – iii

two souls – un-dead – lots of fun-filled memories

and lesson-filled sad memories

why should i cry

if god knows the soul and the memories in me

are more important than physical separation – to him and me

why should i cry

god knows – for the soul of a body that rests to live on

the body that rests must leave in a beloved

a loving soul and loving memories to be passed on

but – for a while must make happy – this beloved.

fkregie 2017.

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